Upper Cut Delta 8 THC Devices by Medusa Review

There are many types of hemp products on the market, and in recent years, Delta 8 THC has been gaining popularity. Delta 8 THC is a cannabinoid found in the hemp plant. Delta 8 THC should not be confused with Delta 9, which is the main cannabinoid that gets people high from using cannabis. Unlike Delta 9, Delta 8 is only available in smaller amounts and has a less potent effect on the body compared to Delta 9.

Benefits of Delta 8 THC

The benefits of using Delta 8 THC have also been studied, like CBD and other cannabinoids. Research has shown that Delta 8 THC offers a range of health benefits. Examples of these include producing relief for anxiety and insomnia, boosting creativity and happiness, and helping boost appetite. According to studies, all cannabinoids work via the endocannabinoid system (ECS). This system is responsible for the optimal functioning of the body.

Effects of Delta 8 THC

Most people, after getting to know the benefits, are curious about the effects it will have on their bodies and mental state. People are especially cautious about the effects of Delta 8 since it’s a hemp product. It should be noted that Delta 8 THC does have a euphoric effect. However, it is way different than you expect. Delta 8 THC has a smoother and milder effect that will even impress people who are not cannabis or hemp users. Delta 8 THC does not get you overly high that you lose your senses. However, it should be noted that taking too much Delta 8 THC at the same time may have a compounding effect.


There are many types of Delta 8 THC products on the market. And there are many brands in the business offering these hemp products. One of the best is Medusa D8, a US company offering high-quality hemp products, including Delta 8 THC gummies, carts, and disposable vape pens. In this post, we will focus on the Upper Cut device, which is arguably the most unique Delta 8 THC product on the market.

The Medusa Upper Cut device is designed to be more powerful than other Delta 8 products on the market. This product contains premium cannabinoid extracts, all crafted to produce pleasant experiences. Examples of these other hemp extracts besides Delta 8 THC are THC-H, THCjd, and Delta 8 live resin.

Like all products by the Medusa brand, these extracts are organic. Medusa only releases organic products, and this company sources its hemp from US farmers. And all Medusa products have been tested by a third-party lab before they are sold. The results of these tests are made public, and customers can read them before buying.

Medusa’s Upper Cut collection includes both disposable vaporizers and cartridges, and each contains 2000mg of cannabinoid extracts. You can choose from seven different unique strains that promise a different experience.

The Medusa Upper Cut devices are available in different flavor finishes, including Alaskan Thunder Fuck, Lemon Cherry Gelato, Gary Payton, Gush Mintz, Oreoz, Watermelon Zkittlez, and Banana Breath.

All these Upper Cut device flavors come precharged and prefilled. They are designed to be ready to use straight out of the store. It should be noted that the Upper Cut device cannot be recharged. These devices are designed using the Medusa XL Battery. The Medusa Upper Cut device cannot be refilled too.

You can buy the Upper Cut devices directly from the Medusa online store. A 2-gram Upper Cut disposable is sold for $43.99. Buying from the manufacturer is the best since you can be sure of the quality. And you get free shipping for all orders over $100 buying from Medusa.