Top Electronic Cigarette Smoking Effects On The Body

The rage of the E cigarettes has taken the United States by storm.  This product was designed and started out in China.  It has grown rapidly in the United States and currently has sales of billions of dollars per year.  There are many studies in progress but complete results are not totally available due to the short time span of this product being in the United States.  There are some results that are being determined by some of the studies, but the majority of them are inconclusive at this point.  There are no long term results from these studies because of the newness of this product. Click here!

Studies Have Found

  • Less Toxins than tobacco products
  • Less Toxins in second hand smoke
  • Helps to stop smoking tobacco products
  • No change in the heart rate
  • Breathing aerosol

Reports and studies have shown so for that the use of e cigs produces fewer toxins than that of tobacco products.  In one study it has shown that with this product that only 9 toxins were found compared to the 11,000 that are found in smoking tobacco products.

The second hand smoke effect from this product creates less smoke and releases fewer toxins than smoking a cigarette, which should lessen the effects of second hand smoke even though complete studies have had no real conclusive information.

Many people are using this product to help to stop smoking cigarettes.  This has a huge impact on the change that it makes to our bodies.  Smoking damages and effects many of our organs in our body and with the lack of the smoke and all of the cigarette toxins could help some of these organs start to repair themselves.

Absolutely no difference of person smoking e cigs or tobacco products

On one study where the use of this product was monitored, it showed that there was no difference in the heart rate of a person smoking this product or smoking a cigarette filled with tobacco.

One of the things that might be a concern is the fact that when the vapors are formed they are formed like that of an aerosol.  There are some people that when inhaling the aerosol it can cause a scratchy or sore throat or maybe a dry cough.  In some people this can also cause respiration irritation and illnesses such as asthma or bronchitis.


With the growth of the concerns of the health risks of smoking cigarettes and the increase in the costs of cigarettes much of what is contributed to taxes has made many smokers realize they have to stop smoking.  This has increased the use of newer products into the United States and keeping up with the research on these products has been nearly impossible.  Part has to do with the rapid growth, the funding of the research and the time to do the research properly.  There are many partial reports that are proving that the uses of some of these products are safer to use than actually smoking cigarettes.  One of these very popular, new products is the line of E cigarettes. Find out more at