TE6000 Disposable Vape By EB Design 6000 Puffs Review

Do you find the Spitting or crackling noises annoying while vaping? Most people do, and that’s why EB Design has created a device with an extreme silence function. This feature allows you to vape in silence as you enjoy the powerful nicotine hit and mouthwatering flavored. The TE6000 disposable vape is the latest release by EB Design and is by far the best in its series. This device is superior in terms of functionality and design. This piece takes a look at the top features you can expect from the TE6000 disposable vape. Let’s begin…


TE6000 disposable vape by EB design is a unique device you will love in your collection of disposables. It is made of a durable material and can withstand accidental falls, high temperatures, and chemicals. For this reason, the TE6000 disposable vape is a high-priority device you can acquire and use on different occasions and places. Its durability makes this device a desirable vape that you can use effortlessly.

Great visual appeal

TE6000 disposable vape is made in a fancy design that makes it look and feel classy. This high-quality vape has the proper labeling and beautiful crafting to make it look exciting. The package is fantastically designed, and the writings are legible for you from across the street. TE6000 disposable vape comes in different shades of colors according to the flavor in question.


To make this device portable, TE6000 disposable vape is small in size, fits into the palm of your hand comfortably, and can be used on short and long journeys. TE6000 disposable vape has a beautiful mouthpiece design that makes it aesthetically pleasing to consumers.

Pre-charged and pre-filled

Adding onto the beautiful features of this device, the TE6000 disposable vape comes pre-filled and pre-charged, making it easy to use immediately after purchase. This feature makes it convenient to purchase while in transit because you will directly get to vape it from the store.

Integrated, powerful battery

TE6000 disposable vape is a powerful device that needs a powerful battery. For this reason, this disposable vape has an integrated battery capacity of 550mAh that powers all 600 puffs flawlessly.

High vape juice capacity

With an incredible battery power 550mAh, this TE6000 disposable vape has a high vape juice capacity of 10.3ml, guaranteeing a fantastic vaping session. This high vape juice capacity assures you of long vaping sessions and a stellar performance by the device.

Draw activated firing mechanism.

Using the latest technology, TE6000 disposable vape uses the draw activated firing mechanism to start. This ensures no use of buttons to start the device or power it off. With this feature, it is easy to operate vape by both beginners and expert vapers.

Mesh coil

 If you want to enjoy balanced vapor and flavor production, the TE6000 disposable vape is available. This device has a mesh coil that ensures a proper balance of vapor and flavor, making it a great device. This mesh coil also provides voluminous cloud production for cloud chasers.

Where to purchase the TE6000 disposable vape

TheTE6000 disposable vape is available at the West Coast Vape Supply website for $17.99. WCVS is the leading online vape store that retails and wholesales premium vape products across the globe.The online store partners with top brands, such as EB Designs to provide vapers across the globe with premium vape gadgets at the most affordable prices. Visit the site for multiple deals and discounts, including free shipping for orders above $100.