Review of Penelope’s Bloom CBD Oil Tincture for Dogs and Cats

Every pet owner wishes to see the pet active and healthy. This is because, the pets invariably become part of us overtime. When they are healthy, they serve as better companions and when they are sad, the reverse is the case. This is why there is need for every per owner to put in ample time in the medical care of the animals.

Natural CBD Oil Tincture for dogs and cats is the best product to take care of most of the basic needs of your pet. With the professional nature of Penelope’s Bloom, they have been able to come up with this tincture which is lab-tested and also trusted.



The nature of CBD Oil Tincture for dogs and cats is such that it is easy to administer and takes absolute care of a variety of pet health issues. One thing that is common in dogs and cats is the visibility of symptoms when they have any health issues. That is why it is easy to identify when your pet is having any health issue.


With the presence of Chamomile, MCT and Full-Spectrum CBD oil, this tincture is sure to take care of the basic health issues your pet is ever going to experience. The trio-compound of these three ingredients have been regarded by lab scientists as the most innovative approach to pet-care.


This is because it gives the room for pet owners to have more health responsibilities over their pets. Instead of visiting the veterinary doctor at every slightest odd behaviour, the pet owner can now administer this tincture from the comfort of the home. The opportunity for pet owners to apply this tincture on their own also helps to build a stronger relationship between them and their pets.


Perhaps you are curious about what tincture is?


This is specifically the compounding of the oils together with the trace of CBD. The benefit of using this technique is the drop by drop method; this method allows for the titration of the amount used to be more exact and more likely to be precise. The use of tincture allows for flexibility when needed. For instance, maybe there is a time when a cat has more pain and obvious inflammation in their joints, but the week later they seem to be on the mend and only require a partial dose.

With all of these high standards they hold for their production line, they also hold themselves to full transparency to give peace of mind to pet owners that they can make a great decision when choosing where to get their CBD products from. With so much understanding in mind, they know the struggle of balancing all the daily life that taking the time to ensure a high-quality CBD oil product can be extra time a regular pet owner does not always have. From their promise to generate clean and natural CBD oil tinctures, as well as a line of other CBD infused products, they want to develop the best one for every pet at home to ensure quality for years of satisfaction and years of pain, stress, or anxiety relief.

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