Joyetech Exceed Grip Review

Are you a novice or an advanced vaper looking for the best small vape pods in the market? To be honest, there are tons of vaping devices available in different shapes, sizes, and colors.

Just like shopping for clothes or ordering food, we all have our preferences. The logic is the same in vaping. You will buy something that will cater to your needs and not just because it looks cute.

One of the renowned brands in the industry is Joyetech. Known to produce all-in-one (AIO) devices, Joyetech seems to always know what its customers want, and the best part is it delivers its promises. That is why I am quite excited to review its new vape pod called the Exceed Grip.

I have heard good things about this product, so I want to check it out myself. Read through and you might just find the perfect match for your needs (and luckily, wants).

If making a decision on what device to use is difficult, I swear picking your color of choice is another daunting task. As for the Exceed Grip, the choices include Skull Stone, Rainbow Tattoo, Mystery Blue, White, Black, and Blue.

When you have a device that is the size of your palm (74 mm × 40 mm × 21 mm), you would start to wonder what the thing can even do for you? That is the first question that popped into my head the instant I saw the Exceed Grip, its size was small enough that I underestimated its capabilities.

So can the Exceed Grip by Joyetech boast anyway?

Well, this vaping device features a smart pod system based on the classic boxy style design. It is compact with a sturdy feel, thanks to its zinc alloy and PC chasis. It boasts of colorful in-mold panels, which ensures you will never get out of style and protects your device against dust, moisture, and scratches.

If you open your kit box, you will find two kinds of cartridges inside, which is a little unusual, especially when we are used to only having one. The first cartridge uses a replaceable EX coil head, whereas the other is a built-in coil system.

The Joyetech Grip ensures that you can customize your vaping experience. This is why Joyetech provided new mesh coil, mesh cotton, and innovative dry burning protection to ensure you have an optimal vaping experience.

Now, combine all these features with a built-in 1000 mAh battery that lasts all day long for average users and an option of either 3.5mL or 4.5mL refillable cartridge, then this device is enough for both starters and pro users alike.

Now, Exceed Grip by Joyetech is best used for vape juices with nicotine salts. Although freebase vape liquids are okay, this device is clearly optimized for nic salts.

One of the challenges most vapers face in vaping devices is the mechanism of how cartridges are placed. Well, Joyetech addressed that issue by creating an innovative side-way cartridge. This way you can refill them easily, faster, and hassle-free.

Exceed Grip also offers two different coil systems. The standard one uses an EX-M coil head with 0.4ohm resistance. Meanwhile, the pod cartridge uses Mesh 0.8 ohm coil. According to the website, ceramic coil is okay, although I have not tried it yet.

From what I noticed, wicking the coil was pretty quick. Then, I realized Joyetech used new Mesh cotton here. And as per its website, the cotton is made of plant fibers that can absorb e-liquid more fully and quickly while ensuing you get a pure and decent flavor.

Whether you love mouth-to-lung or direct-lung draws, Exceed Grip is capable of both.  The Joyetech Exceed Grip is up for grabs at for as low as $36.80. For a small device that provides decent flavor and vapor production, I would give this a go.