Insight into sub-ohm vaping

Sub-ohm vaping is widely talked about in the vaping community and is considered a treat for the most experienced vapers. All the chatter about sub-ohm vaping makes it seem more complicated than it really is. However, it is essential to know that sub-ohm vaping is different from regular vaping. One of the significant difference between sub-ohm vaping and regular vaping is the coil. The sub-ohm atomizer uses a coil that has a resistance that is below 1.0 ohm. For a lot of people, sub-ohm vaping is better than regular vaping. You get more clouds, a deeper intensity, and a better vaping experience.

Big Clouds

One of the most eye-grabbing ability of the sub-ohm tank is the massive clouds that it produces. If you enjoy blowing huge clouds with every hit you take, then you should give sub-ohm vaping a try. THE clouds you get from sub-ohm vaping are perfect for trying tricks due to their size and density. Sub-ohm tanks can produce massive clouds because they use a bigger wick and coil. Generally, sub-ohm tanks have more power and thus produces more heat which spread over a wider surface than the regular vape pen.

No Harsh Throat Hits

When you use sub-ohm tanks in vaping, you can be sure of a pleasant vaping experience. Sub-ohm vaping is known for its smooth throat hits. The smooth effect that you get from sub-ohm vaping is due to its higher wattage. As a result of this high-wattage, you get a more potent nicotine hits. E-liquids that are used in sub-ohm vaping are usually produced with a higher Vegetable Glycerin (VG) content. The smoothness that you get from sub-ohm vaping can also be traced to the higher (VG) percentage. E-liquids for sub-ohm vaping are produced with high VG so that they become thicker than e-liquids with lower VG. These e-juice blends are made to be dense because the coils in the sub-ohm tank get very hot and burn through e-liquids quickly.

Warmer Throat Hits

You get warmer clouds of vapor when you vape with sub-ohm tanks. Sub-ohm tanks create huge clouds that get warmer than normal vaping tanks. This feature is one that is unique to sub-ohm vaping. The warm throat hit that you get from sub-ohm vaping is due to its ability to get hit. Despite the heat, you do not have to worry about hurting your lips or throat.

Stronger Vapor

When you try sub-ohm vaping after using regular mods for some time the richness of the e-liquids is the first thing that hits you. With sub-ohm vaping, you get the full flavor of every e-juice flavor that you vape. This richness that you get from e-liquids is one of the major attractions of sub-ohm vaping. Sub-ohm tanks are produced with premium quality materials such as wicks. These high-quality materials in sub-ohm tanks help give it a smooth throat hit and a stronger throat hit.

Despite the popularity of sub-ohm vaping, it is not something that you should get into. You want to take your time and read more about sub-ohm vaping before you try it out. It is important that you read the instructions of your sub-ohm tank before using it. WOTOFO has some of the best sub-ohm tanks on the market.