CBDfx CBD Vape Oil Additive Review

Many analog smokers have now shifted to vaping as it is healthier and still lets you experience that nicotine rush. However, nicotine is considered a highly addictive chemical regardless if it is inhaled via cigarettes or vaped. You may find CBD vape to be a better option.

CBD (or cannabidiol) does not contain nicotine or any of the harsh chemicals present in tobacco, and it is not addictive. Instead, studies show that CBD has many potential health benefits such as relieving pain or reducing anxiety. Also, it is available in different forms, including vape products.

As a vaper, I prefer my CBD in tincture oil, vape additive, or vape juice form. But of the three, my go-to is CBD oil vape additives. With this, all you need to do is add it to your favorite vaping juice, which is pretty convenient.

Currently, there are different CBD brands available on the market, and honestly, it can be pretty overwhelming especially for newbies. But I always choose CBDfx, which extracts its CBD from the high-quality hemp plants. CBDfx’s vape juice additive comes in 10-mL bottles and four strength levels – 60mg, 120mg, 300mg or 500mg which cost $19.99, $34.99, $59.99, and $74.99 respectively at https://cbdfx.com.

Overall, I enjoyed my vaping experience using CBDfx vape oil additives. It helped me reduce my symptoms of anxiety. Using this, I was able to sleep better at night and my mood improved during the day. Before, even the tiniest error stressed me out. It also helped me to relax and feel better.

However, finding the right the dosage can be a bit confusing. I add half or one full dropper into a tank of e-liquid, depending on my mood or how stressful my day is. By the way, you need to take your tank’s liquid capacity into consideration. I usually use a 5-mL tank if I add CBD to it.

But simply adding your vape additive and vape juice to your tank doesn’t always allow proper mixing. Here is a one technique I learned from one blog. All you need are a syringe and an empty dripper bottle. Simply mix and shake the vape additive and vape juice of choice in the dripper bottle. Use the syringe to get the exact measurements.

Using an RDA is way easier though. CBDfx recommends that you add a little flavor and add CBDfx on the top of the coils and cotton. Vape juices with 0mg nicotine are recommended. Since this process is on a drip by drip basis, fine-tuning is easier to do.

Of course, you should expect a little change in flavor when CBDfx is added. But taste is subjective so it may vary. To me, there was a woodsy or earthy finish. It almost tastes like an earthy tea. You need to experiment on matching the flavors too. I think CBD vape liquids mix well with tobacco e-juices.

For beginners, I advise going for the lowest CBD strength level first. I believe you need to get used to it before going for higher concentration levels. However, if you use CBD vape oil additives with higher strength levels, then you will use less product. For me, this is more convenient because the lesser additive I add, the little flavor alteration there is.

As for the effects, it varies from one person to another. For me, CBD  helps me with my anxiety. It also comes in handy each time I experience pain.

Overall, vape oil additive is convenient for many vapers, as long as you won’t mind the additional taste. Although the process requires a little experimentation, but your hard work will pay off in the end. I always go for a high CBD strength level, so only a small amount of additive is needed. This allows me to enjoy both the flavor and the benefits of CBD.