A Review of how Uwell Caliburn G Starter Kit Revolutionized Pod Vape System

  The Uwell Caliburn G is a device whose predecessor changed pod vape systems.  Many vapers loved the Uwell Caliburn when it first came out because of its sleek design, draw activation, and cutting-edge pod vape system. Uwell’s pod vape collection is likely to continue revolutionizing vaping, even though its inbuilt battery was not relatively equal to the challenge of providing a full day’s worth of vaping. The post will review the most recent version, Uwell’s Caliburn G, which adds several additional enhancements to the pod vape system that is already with the possibilities of making it the ideal vape Read More

A Quick Look into Cake Bar Vape

The hemp industry is ever-growing, and more and more brands are entering the market to offer the best products The most recent brand to enter this space is Cake. They made their entry in 2020 and are now close to becoming the next big thing in the cannabis vape world. But what exactly has made them so popular? The straightforward answer is the quality of the products they offer. They are all outstanding, and one of them that you’ll probably love is Cake bar vape. We decide to dig more into it to explore what makes this product so popular. Read More

A Review of The VooPoo Drag S

Established in 2014, VooPoo would become a serious e-cigarette fabrication establishment worldwide. VOOPOO is geared towards serving tens of millions of e-cigarette users globally. Their portfolio includes all levels of users, from entry-level to enthusiast-level; it demonstrates its unyielding quest for ultra-modern technology and continuously excelling method in every detail. VOOPOO is a leader in industry standards of technology and procedure. Through innovation, the company has the world’s fastest ignition speed with a power compensation mode to make e-cigarettes scientific, intelligent, and safe. VOOPOO Drag S VooPoo Drag S has a GENE.IT chip. With this chip, the Drag S appliance Read More

TAAT Smooth Tobacco-free Cigarettes Review

TAAT is a US brand offering some of the best alternative herbal cigarettes on the market. This company launched operations in 2012 and offers a collection of cigarettes that are tobacco and nicotine free. TAAT cigarettes are setting the standard for what an alternative herbal cigarette should offer. TAAT cigarettes are made using high-quality food-grade ingredients. What makes TAAT cigarettes unique is that they taste, smell, feel, and even burn like tobacco-based cigarettes although they are tobacco and nicotine free. TAAT cigarettes actually contain CBD extracted from hemp grown using organic methods. TAAT sources its hemp from US farmers. TAAT Read More

Dragbar 4000C Vape review

The Dragbar 4000C disposable vape is made to assure you the best experience. It is built to incorporate several features that make it very reliable in your everyday use. You can rely on the vape, and it will assure you the best results as you try to enjoy nicotine. Traditional cigarettes tend to have several side effects. For example, it can expose you to bad smells and other effects. The vape comes in ten different flavors, making it very effective as you deal with different effects. It is a high-quality vape you can get and start enjoying life to the Read More