A Review of The VooPoo Drag S

Established in 2014, VooPoo would become a serious e-cigarette fabrication establishment worldwide. VOOPOO is geared towards serving tens of millions of e-cigarette users globally. Their portfolio includes all levels of users, from entry-level to enthusiast-level; it demonstrates its unyielding quest for ultra-modern technology and continuously excelling method in every detail. VOOPOO is a leader in industry standards of technology and procedure. Through innovation, the company has the world’s fastest ignition speed with a power compensation mode to make e-cigarettes scientific, intelligent, and safe.


VooPoo Drag S has a GENE.IT chip. With this chip, the Drag S appliance can detect the coil employed and pick the optimum wattage. This makes it user-friendly. It also ensures the best experience and extends the life of your coils. In addition, the chip propels additional functions such as puff counter and score ranking. The novelty that comes with the VOOPOO Drag S affords you the choice of a button fire or auto-draw. Fast firing warrants the device response in just 0.001 seconds after pressing the firing knob that brings you instant vapor. When widely opened, the adjustable airflow presents you with the option of an airy vape that’s ideal for direct-lung vaping. Normally, the pod has four magnetic networks that grip the pod firmly. Push-pull coils make it easy to change coils. A Groundbreaking circular coil design implies the coil will fit in despite the orientation; this will further enhance the ease of use.

Do you prefer large clouds of vapor and direct lung vape? Then VooPoo Drag S is meant for you.

VooPoo Drag S Coil

It takes 90 minutes to charge the VooPoo Drag S. However, liquids such as VG e-liquids are the best alternative because of the lower nicotine strengths. Regarding the shelf life, low resistance coils don’t last longer than high resistance coils. Priming the coil before use often extends its life. Again, never letting the tank dry out by topping up prolongs its longevity. Proper care will ensure the Drag-S coil has to last for weeks. Regarding compatibility, VooPoo Drag S integrates smoothly with PnP Pod Tank, PnP Coils, and PnP Tank.

Where To Buy VooPoo Drag S

West Coast Vape Supply e-Cigarette Direct but also superb after-sales support. In the event of a faulty device, West Coast Vape Supply is more than willing to make a replacement. The website is quite explicit about the warranties you have access to and how a replacement can be affected. The charging element for your Voopoo Drag S has a warrant that spans 12 months. All mods and batteries have a 3-month warranty. In addition, clearomizer or tanks have a warranty of six months. Coils are consumables that are replaceable when faulty. When the coil is defective, you should report it to West Coast Vape Supply in five days. The warranty implies your device will be free from any defect during the window period. This does not mean you won’t get help when you run out of warranty.

Voopoo Drag Features

VooPoo is fabricated with the user in mind. Its tank inherits features from other tanks. However, it has a steel slider knob for airflow adjustment and enhancing the individual experience. Are you a new vaper looking for a great experience? VooPoo Drag never disappoints. For more details, go to www.westcoastvapesupply.com