A Brief Look at the Highly Potent PE #6 Mushroom Strain

PE #6 is a new subtype of Penis Envy, one of the most well-known cubensis mushroom strains. The PE #6 is highly potent and not recommended for beginners.


The PE #6 magic mushroom strain is a cross between Penis Envy and Texan Cubensis. This cross was made to create a Penis Envy strain that produces more spores.

The Penis Envy strain is known for being potent, its low spore production, and its phallic shape. On the other hand, the Texas Cubensis is moderately potent, has a high spore production, and is easy to cultivate. The PE #6 strain has the high potency of Penis Envy and the spore production of Texas Cubensis.

The origins of PE #6 are murky and involve different players, murder, and intrigue. Author and explorer Terence McKenna is credited with discovering the Penis Envy strain in the 1970s after a trip from South America. Steven Pollock, another well-known mycologist, then obtained the Penis Envy strain.

After developing the Penis Envy into a more stable and potent strain, Pollock was tragically shot and killed in his lab in 1981. After this, the Penis Envy strain was developed by different cultivators and mycologists. Roger Rabbit, a popular online mycologist, was among those who worked on the Penis Envy strain.

Roger Rabbit is credited with crossing Penis Envy and a cubensis strain from Texas. He shared the PE #6 strain with the mycologist community in 2006.



The PE #6 strain has a unique appearance comprising a broad cap with a caramel-brown color. The caps of PE #6, which are flat, also have a dark center. These caps are close to the stem.

The PE #6 mushroom strain also features a thick, long, white stem with a slight bluish tint. This stem can be curved or twisted, strong, and less likely to break. The gills of PE #6 have a grey or purple/brown color.


The PE #6 mushroom strain has a high psychedelic effect higher or similar to Penis Envy. This mushroom strain contains a blend of psilocin and psilocybin. PE #6 has a euphoric effect that enhances the mood and promotes laughter.

The PE #6 strain also produces visual and auditory hallucinations with intense color patterns, sounds, and music. With PE #6, you can expect a more reflective and creative trip. PE #6 trips have also been described as spiritual, with many transcendental experiences.

The effects of the PE #6 strain are long-lasting and can be felt for about 4 to 6 hours. You can start feeling the impact of PE #6 20 minutes to an hour after consumption.


The PE #6 strain is the perfect strain for research and can be grown via spores. Magic Spore Lab offers high-quality PE #6 liquid spores. Their spores are tested for the presence of contaminants before being sold.

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